Incinerators continue to be designed, constructed and fired up. They conjure images of Dante’s burning Inferno and are persistent despite much public protest and debate. Hyper consumption, over-packaging and waste fire this inferno-incinerator phenomenon.

Conjuring the destructive power of elemental fire, the industrial pyre borrows from a powerful fire / regeneration binary association found in various mythologies often connected with the hope of transformation in the face of destruction. However, the fire / regeneration narrative that the modern world faces has acquired an urgency as things heat up.

This exhibition considers the environmental hazards lingering and merging with human and non-human ecosystems. Are there other more suitable narratives for social and cultural shifts in response to climate change? How can art contribute to political dialogue and inspire resistance?

Artists are invited to submit work in response to the incinerator opening in Gloucestershire early 2019, or more generally, the stubborn use of incinerators to burn waste on a global scale. The exhibition will be located in different sites around Stroud in early February 2019 and will include digital, moving image, textile art, installation, photography, sculpture & painting media.

Curator: Patricia Brien
Submission deadline: 15th November 2018
Artists are invited to submit proposals for 3D / 2D, installation, digital and textile art media.