KINdoms: Textiling with the more-than-human goes to Dartington, Totnes

Delighted that KINdoms: Textiling with the more-than-human is showing at the Garden Room Gallery, Dartington (near Totnes) 11 September - 17 October 2018.

The more-than-human network embedded within cloth is legible but sometimes its actual materiality is only a trace, a stitch, a faded colour, the spectre of a sentient being, a mapping of cosmic and weather patterns. We are enmeshed in textile material cultures: on and within our bodies, where we dwell, as we move through the world.

The themes that have surfaced in KINdoms acknowledge the complexity of relations between human geographies and more-than-human ecosystems both real and imagined. There are places and practices invoking emotional attachment, hauntings, resistance, imagination, mourning and solace. There is a strong current of time folding upon itself as the past, present and future coexist as parallel layers within a material object.