Stroud Broadcloth - Archive Collection at the British Museum

A visit to the British Museum's Archive in Shoreditch.

The hair that I was looking at was real, and so was the scalp attached to it. The embroidery was so finely done by the Colonists and the Indigenous alike, although the Indigenous use of pattern is striking and so completely contemporary. I've been reading an account of the Redcoats in the new world and am so shocked by the times and the atrocities in North America.

It's moving to look at these objects and see the connections to Stroud in the UK and its red woollen cloth.

Photos: Patricia Brien

Permission: British Museum (research only)

Workshop @ In Other Tongues Conference

Patricia Brien & Tatia Nichols-Arlès – Writing and Being Written: a text(ile) workshop in 2D and 3D


We live immersed in our environment through an interface between our inner and outer experience of the world. Our daily confrontation with multiple subjectivities (current political populist politics, etc) may be potentially coaxed into a broader ‘objective’ or open space as we shift between the seen and unseen that defines our experience. The experience of being ‘caught in the fabric of the world’ (Merleau-Ponty) may be woven into our consciousness – our ‘flesh’ through a dialogue between 2D and 3D in text and textile play.

By exploring place, found artefacts and experimenting with text in a writing and making process, this workshop aims to explore our connection to the larger scale of weaving ‘spiritual warmth’ (Beuys) between our textual articulations, the notions of 2D & 3D junctures, the subjective/objective journey within a textile storytelling context.

Patricia Brien is the Principal Lecturer and Academic Manager of Fashion & 3D Design at the University of South Wales, Cardiff. She focuses her research on the connections between clothing and textile artefacts, people, environmental issues, place and eco-spirituality.

Tatia Nichols-Arlės has a BA in Creative Writing from University of Gloucestershire and a MA in Creative Writing from Kingston University. She is primarily interested in experimental or intertextual writing where the boundaries between genres, media, rules and limitations is blurred or transgressed.