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Patricia Brien

Patricia Brien is a UK-based curator and academic. She is currently researching towards her PhD in the Environmental Humanities and Textiles at Bath Spa University. In May 2018 she is a curator at Fringe Arts Bath. She has been working in trend forecasting, styling and lifestyle journalism in Paris, Amsterdam, Melbourne and the UK and is widely published in these areas.

For 15 years she worked as an academic in Fashion at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and the Head of the Fashion & 3D Design and Interior Design departments at University of South Wales, Cardiff. She is currently working as an associate lecturer at Bath Spa University, Sion Hill Campus and in the practice of textile based art relations in the human and more-than-human world.


SecondSight Trend Journal (NL) DazedDigital - View Textiles Selvedge (UK) - View on Colour Away (BE) - The Australian Elle(Aust.) - Harper’s Bazaar (Aust.) Australian Style - Surface - Bloom


HOLBURNE MUSEUM, BATH - Speaker: Portable Place Salon - Place, identity and design (April 2018)


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