Ghost in the Machine (2018)  Patricia Brien, Film Stills

Ghost in the Machine (2018)

Patricia Brien, Film Stills




Liminessence is a play of elements in a creative interpretation of interconnectivity. By referring to material culture(s) we can trace a narrative around the cosmos, art, food and abundance, the healing arts and the natural environment. Human and non-human living networks are points of interaction that are of particular interest. 

Current projects:

Curator: KINships - textiling with the more-than-human (Fringe Arts Bath 2018)

Film Collaboration: Cold Water Wash (60 sec film challenge, Stroud Film Festival 2018)

Curator: Red Thread Project Part I - Sladebank Woods community embroidery project. Exhibited at 'Honouring the divine feminine' Landsdowne Gallery, Stroud 5th - 10th March 2018

Curator: A stitch in time - Red Thread Project Part II -  Atelier Open Studios (May 2018)